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Taking a cycling holiday abroad is exciting, but also brings forward some concerns. Unfamiliar roads and places to stay can mean risk of theft or damage, or even costs from public liability and personal injury.  Cycling is sometimes classed as an extreme sport, so is sometimes not covered by standard travel insurance. It's often dealt with separately, which can lead to further costs and sometimes has more complicated rules for cover. Pedalsure insurance is made with cyclists in mind. 

What does travel bike insurance cover?

If you’re taking out cycling travel insurance with us, check everything you're going to need to make sure you've got the right cover . We can provide insurance for bicycles and riders that puts the needs of cyclists first. All you need to do is choose exactly what you want when getting a quote , which can protect for medical expenses and liabilities.

We cover personal accident cover, damage or theft of a bicycle or expensive accessory, and we also have additional foreign travel extensions for our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages. Choose the travel extension for your chosen cover to benefit you when taking your bike to France, Italy or elsewhere. Now you can ride on the roads and trails you've dreamed of, or return to beat your best times, knowing you are covered by cycle travel insurance.

What do I need when riding a bicycle overseas?

Of course, getting your travel insurance policy for yourself and your cycle is important, but getting your bike there undamaged and properly protected is also essential. Here are a few tips to help when travelling with a bicycle.
Remove the rear derailleur - to do this, remove the pedals and wheels from the frame, then move the chain to the outer chainring to avoid bending or damaging your bike bag. You can then use a 5mm hex key to remove the derailleur. Don't worry about disconnecting the cable as you can still wrap the derailleur in something protective, ideally bubble wrap, whilst it’s still attached.

Add protection with padding - Cover your bike frame with pipe lagging. You can also write on the lagging with a marker to help you fit detached pieces later. It's also a good idea to insert a fork spacer to protect the forks.

Looking after bike wheels when travelling - let the tyres down a little to protect the rims. You might have to remove the rotors and insert spacers in the brake callipers if the disk brake boxes require it.

Consider a hard bike case - this can be an expensive option, and perhaps of most use for cyclists riding overseas frequently, but it's the best way to give your bike the best possible protection. Just keep track of what you're packing in the case to avoid penalties on excess weight.

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  • PedalSure includes Sportive as standard
  • 30/60 days Overseas Use which inc Air-Transit
  • We cover your Bike and Accessories in Transition
  • Option for Personal Cover up to £50k
  • Include up to 5 Bikes
  • 50% Multi-Bike Discount

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