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A common question we get asked is do cyclists need insurance? Unlike motor vehicles, it’s not a legal requirement to get insurance for bicycles. However, it is an investment, whether you’re riding your bike to work or for leisure. There is a risk of damage, theft and, in some cases, a need for third party liability insurance for cyclists.
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Does home insurance cover bike theft?

There are some policies that might have basic coverage for bicycles, it is always important to check and never make the assumption! For many home contents insurance policies this usually means protection from theft, but only if your bike is securely stored in your home or garage. For a cyclist out and about, this can bring only a little peace of mind. To protect the bicycle and the cyclist, a more comprehensive insurance is advisable.

How much is bicycle insurance?

With mountain bikes sometimes costing around £1000, that’s a lot to protect. But there’s more to finding a quote for cycling insurance than theft or damage cover. We can cover you for protection overseas, competition use, personal accident, personal liability and loss of earnings all for around the price of a coffee per week*.

What do I need to get a cycle insurance quote?

All you need to do is give us a few details, such as your postcode, your age, the make of your bike and its replacement value. Then you can add further cover options such as:

  • Accessories and possessions
  • Competing in cycling events
  • Foreign travel
  • Loss of earnings
  • Personal cover
  • Personal liability

Choose the cover you need, and you can see the amount you can pay straight away.

More bicycle insurance quote help

Do you have any special circumstances, or questions before applying for a quote? Need to know more about getting electric bike or a multi bike insurance quote? We’re here to help. Get in touch for more on getting a personal and cycle insurance quote help today. Don’t forget to read our bicycle insurance reviews and find out what our customers say about us.
*pricing and quotations vary based on services and personal circumstances

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  • PedalSure includes Sportive as standard
  • 30/60 days Overseas Use which inc Air-Transit
  • We cover your Bike and Accessories in Transition
  • Option for Personal Cover up to £50k
  • Include up to 5 Bikes
  • 50% Multi-Bike Discount

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