How We Compare on Price

PedalSure offers 50%
Multi-Bike Discount

On Bike(s) two and three (review 24th September 2019)
Incl. £250 Accessories cover, Bike Hire replacement, Excess £75, 1million Liability, 30 days travel
For Theft & Accidental Damage for £2,000
Cannondale and £1,800 Whyte
  • PedalSure Bicycle Insurance £205.81 p/a
  • Yellow Jersey £236.18 p/a
  • Bikmo Bicycle Insurance £248.28 p/a
  • Assetsure Bicycle Insurance £297.20 p/a

How We Compare on Personal Accident limits

PedalSure offers unrivalled
Personal Accident Cover

(review 9th April 2018) Maximum Personal Accident Available
  • PedalSure Comprehensive
    Cycling Insurance
    up to £50,000 + Benefits
  • Assetsure Jewellery and Asset
  • Bikmo Cycling Insurance £20,000 + Benefits
  • Plan Taxi and Cycling
    Insurance (Yellow Jersey)

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