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Multi bike insurance

For a cycling enthusiast like yourself, it’s not unusual to have more than one bike. If you have a bicycle for commuting and taking part in competitions, it’s likely you’ll have a different bicycle for your sporting needs. Add to that a specific road bike , or cycling for triathlons, and you may need insurance for several bikes, for when in use and when in storage. So, whether riding overseas or simply to cover you in the UK, get a quote today.

Bike insurance discounts

With PedalSure you can cover up to five bikes, which can be of different type, value and class. Our multi cycle coverage is suited to your collection, offering the level of security you need - home or away. That’s not all! Choosing a multi bike policy with us means notable discounts.

You can also get additional coverage on multi cycle insurance to cover:

  • Accessories
  • Personal effects
  • Foreign travel
  • Loss of earnings
  • Competition cover

Why not add personal liability cover as an extra to suit your needs? Just choose from our Bronze, Silver or Gold packages. These easy options are here to make choosing an insurance policy easy, ensuring your cover suits your needs and budget.

Insure multiple bikes for full coverage

Your bikes are investments, so it makes sense to insure them when out on the road, parked up or in storage.

If you own more than one bike get each of them covered with a policy designed for cyclists. Find out more and get your quote for multi bike insurance now.

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  • PedalSure includes Sportive as standard
  • 30/60 days Overseas Use which inc Air-Transit
  • We cover your Bike and Accessories in Transition
  • Option for Personal Cover up to £50k
  • Include up to 5 Bikes
  • 50% Multi-Bike Discount

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