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Below are a collection of frequently asked questions, hopefully the answer you’re after is there.
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About Pedalsure Cycling Insurance

What does your cycling insurance cover?

How much does your cycling insurance cost?

Who underwrites your cycling insurance?

What ages do you provide insurance for?

Am I covered if I bought my bike through a Cycle to Work scheme?

When will my cycling insurance policy start?

What is an excess in cycling insurance?

How much is the excess with Pedalsure?

I live outside of the UK - can Pedalsure cover me?

I have previously made a claim - will this affect my cycling insurance cover?

My bike isn't brand new - can I insure it with Pedalsure?

What does ‘new for old’ mean?

Do you cover cycle couriers and business use of bicycles?

How much should I insure my bike for?

What is underinsurance?

What is the maximum value bike you insure

Can I insure my collection of bikes on one insurance policy?

Am I covered if I lend, loan or hire my insured bicycle to another person?

Can I insure my family on my policy with Pedalsure?

What is personal liability cover?

I am only looking for personal liability cover when I am cycling can you help?

Do you provide cover against personal injury?

Am I covered for riding other people’s bikes?

Do you cover motorcycles, or scooters?

Managing your policy with Pedalsure

How do I cancel my policy?

How do I make changes to my cover?

Can I change the way I pay for my policy?

Can I change the payment date of my premium?

How does my policy renew?

How do I cancel my renewal?

Why has my renewal price increased from last year?

Locks and security

Do I need to use a specific type of lock with a Pedalsure insurance policy?

Do I need to comply with any specific security requirements while my insured bicycle is at my home?

Can I leave my bike in the garden?

Can I leave my bike in a shed or garage at home?

How should I secure my bike while it is away from my home?

Can I leave my bike outside overnight?

Is my bicycle covered at my place of work?

Can I leave my bike in a car or other vehicle?


Am I covered if I ride my bike abroad?

I am going on a 4-month bicycle trip abroad - can you cover me?

I only want bike insurance cover for my 2-week annual cycling trip abroad, can I buy a short term policy?

Does your insurance policy cover my bike while transported in a plane?


Does cycling insurance cover racing?

Will your insurance cover me if I take part in charity cycle events like the London to Brighton charity ride?

Will Pedalsure insurance cover me if I take part in triathlon events?

Bike types, parts and accessories

Do you cover electric bikes?

Do you cover cargo bikes?

Do I need to prove ownership of all bikes and equipment covered under my policy?

Can I insure a bike that was gifted to me?

I built my bike myself - can I still be covered by Pedalsure?

What does your accessories option cover?

I have a racing bike with several sets of racing wheels which I also need to insure. Should I include the cost of them in my bike value?

I have recently purchased a child trailer costing £500 - does Pedalsure bike insurance cover such items?


How do I make a claim?

How long does a cycling insurance claim take?

Will you repair my bike or replace it if it’s damaged?

Will my premium go up if I make a claim?

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