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General Bike Insurance

If I were to go shopping, leave my bike secured with an approved lock to a lamp post and it were then to be stolen from the high street, would I be insured?

I'm buying a bike through a Cycle to Work scheme – will this affect my bike insurance premium?

Does your insurance policy cover my bike whilst transported in a plane?

Is my bicycle covered whilst locked outside where I work?

I live in France but cycle regularly in the UK. Can you offer me bike insurance cover?

I have previously made a claim after having my Bike damaged, will this affect my bike insurance cover?

My bike isn't brand new - is it still worth insuring?

I work as cycle courier. Do you insure professional cyclists?

From What age Can I be insured?

How much should I insure my bike for?

What is the maximum value Bike you insure?

Can I insure my collection of Bikes on one insurance policy?

Is there an excess on this bike insurance policy?

What are your Approved Locks?

Do I need any specific security on the vehicle where the insured bike is stored?

Do I need to comply with any specific security requirements whilst my insured bicycle is at my home?

Am I covered if I lend, loan or hire my insured bicycle to another person?

Does the insurance cover me to take my bicycle abroad?

Can I add or make changes to the bike insurance policy at any time?

What is personal liability cover?

I am only looking for personal liability cover when I am cycling – can you help?

Do you cover motorcycles, or scooters?

Proof of ownership

I recently bought my bike from eBay, I don't have a receipt for it – can I still insure it?

I don't have receipts for all of my bike parts and accessories, what can I do to prove ownership for bike insurance?About proof of ownership


Will PedalSure bike insurance cover me if I take part in charity cycle events like the London to Brighton ride?

Will PedalSure bike insurance cover me if I take part in triathlon events?


I'm going on a single bicycle touring trip around Europe which will last four months. Your online quote states 60 days maximum per year, is it possible to cover me?

I only want bike insurance cover for my 2 week annual cycling trip abroad, can I buy a short term policy?

Bikes, parts and accessories

I built my bike myself - can I still be covered by PedalSure bike insurance?? The frame, drive train and components were all bought from separate stores, with various parts being older than 3 years. Do I need proof of purchase for all components? And can I include an amount in the insured value for the time I spent constructing the bike?

I have a racing bike with several sets of racing wheels which I also need to insure. Should I include the cost of them in my bike value.

Do We Insure Electric Bikes?

Hi, I want to insure my bike but don't have a frame number. Can I still insure it with PedalSure?

I have recently purchased a child trailer costing £500 does PedalSure bike insurance you cover such items?

Locks and security

I have a lock which isn't included in your approved lock list for bike insurance – what should I do?

Hi, as part of your security requirements it says the insured bicycle must be locked to an immovable object inside the house - is this correct?

Also the bike cannot always be kept indoors, and at times it will be parked in town and at the university/hospital bike racks for a number of hours, what is the insurance policy on this?

Does the PedalSure bike insurance policy cover bicycles stored outside overnight, if locked to an immovable object using an approved lock? For instance - a rear garden or a campsite with cycle storage.

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