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There’s nothing like taking your mountain bike out and enjoying the freedom of the open air. Whether that’s through rolling hills or zipping past the traffic jams. There’s a real sense of wanting to explore an open trail and see an expanse of open views – it’s in the heart of every rider of a mountain bike.
And each rider, like you, will enjoy different kinds of mountain bike riding, depending on where you ride and the terrain and distances you to cover.

Types of mountain bikes

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Knowing the different kinds of mountain bikes out there helps to find exactly the right kind for your preferred kind of riding. If you’re an experienced rider, chances are you’ve probably already gone into a bike shop knowing exactly what you need. For riders finding out about mtb biking for sport or leisure, here’s some handy advice on what kind of bike suspension you’ll need for the type of riding you want to do.

Full-suspension mountain bikes

Full, or dual-suspension mountain bikes have suspension in front and back, which protects from a lot of impact absorption. This means that if you’re riding on rough terrain, you’ll need greater suspension. This is particularly true of downhill bikes, where you need to ride down tough, steep tracks. This can really be a challenge when needing to keep the wheels on the ground for traction and still be comfortable. Get a quote for downhill mountain bike insurance today.

Hardtail bikes

Unlike full-suspension bikes, hardtail bikes only have suspension at the front. The benefit of this is that these bikes are often lighter and used for cross country riding. They’re not as suited for downhill riding, but front suspension still provides adequate comfort on smoother trails.

Rigid mountain bikes

A rigid mountain bike has no suspension at all, but because the costs of manufacturing parts, including the parts needed to make suspensions, they’ve become less and less common.

Getting the best insurance for mountain biking

Pedalsure has produced insurance with mountain bikes in mind. When taking out our full bike and rider insurance, you’re covered for:

  • Loss or damage up to the declared value of your bike
  • Replacement bike hire while awaiting repair or replacement of your mountain bike
  • Bike accessories and personal possessions lost or damaged with the bike

Please see the full Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) for bikes for specific information about your mountain bike cover.

Please check all policy details for specific terms and conditions of insurance cover.