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Road bike insurance

When we talk about road bikes, we can mean either the bike you ride on your regular commute to work or endurance and touring bikes. We can give you comprehensive road bike insurance for commuting and sportive cycling, as well as offering personal liability cover too. This can be really handy, especially when riding at speed – you’ll want to feel that you’re protected against any financial damages in case of any accidents or mishaps.

Endurance cycling, time trial and triathlon bikes

Your sports bike must work hard to deliver the speed and endurance when you’re taking part in competitions and endurance trials. You can put your road bike through a lot but it has to look after you too. That means you need to ride comfortably for long periods of time.

A bike that’s been designed for trials such as triathlons and other sportive events need specialist features that set them apart from other bikes. One of the key elements of today’s sportive bikes is the development of carbon fibre bicycle frames, which offer greater flexibility and can help to reduce vibration. That’s a real benefit to a rider who’s been on the road for hours!

Touring bikes

Designed for long distance comfort and control, touring bikes can handle a lot of weight for bags and packs. They often have a longer wheelbase than other bikes, which allows for you to really load up for those extended trials without having a disastrous clash of pack and pedal!

Despite the main purpose of a touring bike and it being built for long distance road trails, they’ve also been adopted as a great bike for every day cycling. The ability to handle steady, long commutes and the frame’s capacity for carrying bags and packs makes it the perfect, reliable ride to work… or pretty much wherever you need to go!

Because touring and sportive bikes are out on the road a lot longer than many other bikes, it’s a good idea to consider road bike insurance. Get a quote for cycle insurance now and see how you and your bike can be covered.

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  • PedalSure includes Sportive as standard
  • 30/60 days Overseas Use which inc Air-Transit
  • We cover your Bike and Accessories in Transition
  • Option for Personal Cover up to £50k
  • Include up to 5 Bikes
  • 50% Multi-Bike Discount

How We Compare on Price

PedalSure offers 50%
Multi-Bike Discount

On Bike(s) two and three (review 24th September 2019)
Incl. £250 Accessories cover, Bike Hire replacement, Excess £75, 1million Liability, 30 days travel
For Theft & Accidental Damage for £2,000
Cannondale and £1,800 Whyte
  • PedalSure Bicycle Insurance £205.81 p/a
  • Yellow Jersey £236.18 p/a
  • Bikmo Bicycle Insurance £248.28 p/a
  • Assetsure Bicycle Insurance £297.20 p/a