Do Cyclists Need To Have Third-Party Liability Insurance?

Cyclist liability insurance
Incidents can happen and in scenarios where you could be the one to blame

We believe that cycling is the best sport in the world but, unfortunately, it doesn’t come without its risks to ourselves or other road users. Incidents can happen and in scenarios where you could be the one to blame and even be sued, it’s important to have cover that looks after you and gives you peace of mind.

That’s where third-party liability insurance comes in. Bear in mind that it’s known by a few different names – including:

  • ‘public liability’
  • ‘personal liability’
  • 'third-party liability'

but in the interests of clarity, we’ll stick to ‘third-party liability’. This article will look more closely at this part of our specialist cycling insurance so that you know how Pedalsure can protect you as a cyclist.

What is third-party liability insurance?

You may be familiar with third-party liability insurance if you have ever taken out car insurance and here it acts in very much the same way. It provides cover against damage to persons or property when you are the party that caused it.

If, for example, you were to crash while riding and accidentally injure a pedestrian or cause damage to a parked car, third-party liability insurance would cover you for any claims arising from that. Without it, you would be left to settle any claims out of your own pocket.

Here at Pedalsure, we offer our customers the option of up to £1 million of third-party liability cover. These accidents can occur in busy city centres, on congested roads or during an event or race where your actions could result in legal action. Whether the incident involves a fellow rider, a pedestrian or a vehicle, it’s important to know where you stand.

Do I need it?

Cyclists are not required by law to have insurance because push bikes are not motor-powered vehicles. The rules are ever so slightly different for e-bike riders so make sure you’re clear if your e-bike needs insurance.

Nonetheless, many recommend that you do have third-party liability insurance as a cyclist should a claim be made against you by someone else. For more information, you should check out:

Claims can get complicated fast, and before too long you could be looking at paying medical fees, vehicle repair and legal costs. Even for a minor incident you could find yourself experiencing a lot of stressful issues and a very big bill. This is where our team comes in and acts as a reassuring presence during these times. Do you need it? Strictly speaking, no, but can you afford not to?

Aren’t I already covered as a British Cycling or CyclingUK member?

If you are a member of British Cycling or CyclingUK the answer is yes and no. Don’t get us wrong, British Cycling are great for all things cycling in the UK but when it comes to third-party liability insurance, it is better to come direct to us.

With British Cycling, especially, most of their Race/Ride Gold, Silver or Bronze memberships don’t actually cover you or your bike. Their third-party liability cover does help cover the damage you do to others, but wouldn’t you rather have an insurance policy that has your best intentions at heart as well as others? Similarly, CyclingUK cover you for the damage you may do to others but not for anything that may happen to you or your bike during such an incident. See the confusion? With Pedalsure there is no such ambiguity.

What is insured?

With third-party liability as part of your policy it means that if you commute, take part in races or sportives, or are just a weekend rider, there is suitable insurance cover for you. Our insurance provides benefits up to £1 million when you take out the policy for injury or damage to others or their property when it is directly your fault.

Where am I covered?

Arguably one of the biggest advantages of cycling specific insurance, including third-party liability coverage, is that you are covered when using your bike abroad, because come on, we all have to make a pilgrimage to The Best Cycling Holiday Destinations in Europe from time to time.

The specifics of where you’re covered are:

  • Anywhere in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man.
  • Worldwide for up to 30 or 60 days during any one period of insurance provided you have paid the premium for this cover.

It’s important to note again that this excludes the United States of America and Canada.

Remember, not all travel insurance policies factor in cycling. For more on travel insurance and cycling, check out our quick guide, Does Travel Insurance Cover Cycling?

Now you know how Pedalsure can cover you with third-party insurance for cyclists. While it’s not something cyclists absolutely have to have, it is clear that you would be in a stronger position with this coverage should the worst happen.

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