7 Reasons Why Every Cyclist Should Get Cycling Insurance

Road cyclists riding in a group during a race
Cycling-specific insurance gives you all the protection you need as a cyclist

Last updated: January 2023

Whether you’re an avid roadie or weekend hobbyist, we think every cyclist should consider a dedicated cycling insurance policy. Here’s why.

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Why do I need dedicated cycling insurance?

As cyclists, we all know that there’s no better day than ‘new bike day': the day we finally get to meet the machine we’ve been dreaming about for months. It’s no surprise, then, that a lot of us get carried away and are out racing around the local hills before we’ve even properly sat down and decided on a dedicated cycling insurance policy.

Choosing one of these insurance policies is too often put on the to-do-list where it then stays until you, or someone close to you, has an accident and is left with a hefty bill to replace your beloved bike.

Deciding on a policy the moment you purchase your new bike will ensure that yourself and your bike are covered should you have an accident or your bike get stolen; leaving you to focus on the most important thing – riding your bike.

Here are seven reasons why it’s sensible to get cycling insurance.

Protection against theft

In the UK a bike gets pinched roughly every 90 seconds. No matter where you live, where you ride, or how many ways you come up with to stop your bike getting stolen, your bike will always be at risk of theft.

Too many of us make the costly mistake of assuming that our bikes are insured by our home contents insurance policies, which is often not the case – especially with more expensive bikes. These kind of home contents insurance policies will also do nothing to protect you if you are involved in an accident (or unfortunately cause one while out on your bike).

Our dedicated cycling insurance policies can help protect your bike against theft from many different kinds of secure places, whether it’s a shed, lean-to, garage or your own home. These policies will give you the peace of mind you need whenever you’re away from your prized two-wheeled machine.

Bike lock
Our dedicated cycling insurance policies can help protect your bike against theft

Protection against accidental damage

Even a small tumble can cause lasting damage to your bike, damage that could actually make it dangerous to ride.

With Pedalsure by your side, you’re covered for any kind of accidental damage that may befall your beloved bike and can therefore rest easy should you spot a fatal crack in the frame or unnatural bend in the front fork, for example.

Our cycling insurance policies can cover bikes from just £400, all the way up to £15,000. We also offer cover up to £1,000 for any damage that may be done to your cycling accessories, such as bike bags, lights or bike computers.

Broken bicycle wheel
Covering for any kind of accidental damage

Covered while travelling

One of the reasons that we all cycle is for the thrill of exploring new and exciting places. There’s no better place to do this than abroad, surrounded by new people, new cultures and – most importantly – new terrain.

Whether you’re planning a short overseas cycling holiday, or a mega trans-European adventure, you’re going to need specialist cycling insurance to cover your bike while travelling.

Our travel cover option will extend your cover overseas and protect your bike while it's in transit with the airplane, offering cover for up to 60 days, ideal for both mini-breaks and month-long tours.

Travel insurance
You’re going to need specialist cycling insurance to cover your bike while travelling

In case of personal injury

Us cyclists are hardy folk and often bounce straight back up after a fall with nothing but a few cuts and bruises. Sometimes, however, the injuries are a lot more serious, possibly even life threatening.

A dedicated cycling insurance policy, like ours at Pedalsure, will ensure you receive financial compensation for breaks or fractures suffered during an accident, allowing you to fund emergency dental work or rehabilitating physiotherapy without having to touch any of your hard-earned income. Our cycling insurance policies also offer loss of earnings cover just in case your injuries force you to take some time off work.

As cyclists ourselves, we understand how hard it can be to get back into the saddle again after a nasty injury. That’s why our policies will do their best to give you all the necessary support you need to remount that bike, turn those pedals and start smiling again.

Personal injury
Our policies will do their best to give you all the necessary support you need 

For personal liability

While cyclists are often at a greater risk of injury than others using the roads, there are occasions when we can be the ones at fault for an accident, especially with pedestrians.

These kinds of accidents are most common in city centres, where busy and congested roads can quite easily lead to collisions between yourself and others. If the accident was caused by yourself, or if you are deemed to be at fault for the accident, there is a possibility that you - the cyclist - could be sued by a third party.

Thankfully that’s where our specialist cycling insurance policies kick in. These policies offer public liability cover up to £1,000,000 for any damage that you may have been caused to a person or their property.

Accidental damage
Pedalsure offer public liability cover for any accidental damage

Covered during competition

Not all of us like to race our bikes, or ride super-long distances in organised sportive events, but for those that do a dedicated cycling insurance policy is incredibly important and, for some events, even compulsory.

While a lot of organised races and events may not require evidence of cycle insurance, it’s definitely something to consider getting if you’re planning on entering these kind of events regularly.

The more you ride in a large group the more confident you’re going to get, but that doesn’t necessarily protect you from being involved in a big pile up. Our cycle insurance policies can ensure that you’re covered for any accidental damage done to yourself or your bike during an organised race or sportive event, allowing you to park those worries and channel all your thoughts into that next big attack.

Cycling race number
Pedalsure offer coverage during an organised race or sportive event

Rest easy

Having a dedicated cycling insurance policy provides a much needed safety net should you unfortunately suffer, or potentially cause, an accident while out riding your bike.

These policies aren’t just aimed at the avid cyclists among you, even the more leisure-focused riders should consider insuring themselves and their bikes under a specialist cycling insurance policy. Nothing quite beats having that peace of mind that yourself, and your bike, are covered should an accident or incident come your way.

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Pedalsure's policies offer peace of mind

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